WOW! What an amazing turn out at Shake Up part Two!

From BWF Chair – Soph Newton:

WOW! What an amazing turn out at Shake Up part Two!

Over 90 people registered and we lost count of exactly how many were there after we got to 70; a fantastic response from our two towns!

The room was alive with energy and an urge to move forward and help the BWF Board keep improving Bowness and Windermere for the benefit of everyone! Thank you so much for coming. Here’s just some of the feedback we received:

“10 out of 10” 
“Gosh our towns are amazing”
“I had no idea so much was going on”
“So pleased I came”
“What a great night!”
“The energy and the buzz in the room, you could just feel everyone is willing things to happen” 

Now for some action

Many of you signed up for the newsletter, which was Call to Action No. 1. Next, I need you to help create a stronger and wider range of private sector businesses on the BWF Board. By committing to our quarterly meetings you will be helping drive this place forward.  Yep, your attendance is needed just FOUR times a year and we keep meetings to a maximum of 2 hours. Email BWF’s Project Co-ordinator Helen to register your interest via

You can now expect updates each quarter by newsletter, which will highlight progress on our BWF Key Priorities

– Sustainable Transport
– Public Realm
– Visitor Economy
– Event Facilitators 

We will also use the newsletter to share updates from our Board Members such as the upcoming Community Day on 29th March at Millerground, and many many more! Our first one will be with you shortly. In between times you can always contact us or check out our FaceBook page.

As I mentioned at Shake Up 2 (more than once) the Board can’t do this without your help. If we pull together we can make change happen. Already last night, the sculpture trail gang got chatting to National Trust and SLDC – all are excited about what they can do together! And Windermere Lake Cruises ran out of their Locals Discount cards as so many of you signed up! Small steps yes, but that was just one night!

Once our team is strengthened we can do so much more, ultimately we will need investment and more funding but we can’t begin to ask unless we have a full Board of enthusiastic, hard working people like you!

Another big thanks to Boaters Bar for providing such a lovely venue and great service and to Farraday’s for their yummy crisps and chutneys. Special thanks too to our fabulous Board Members who provided info stalls and some very amusing overviews of their key 2020 projects!







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