BWF’s 2nd Quarterly Newsletter – local heros and community support


From the Chair – Sophia Newton

The last time I was writing this we were gearing up for a busy year ahead. Bowness & Windermere Forward were starting work on projects such as creating a brand for our towns and creating a Friendly Fells & Lakeside Trails project in partnership with National Trust and Lake District National Park.

Now we’re sending out weekly emails with Coronavirus
information and support to our local businesses and working on ways we can support Windermere and Bowness as restrictions are lifted.

Covid-19 has impacted all our lives and businesses in ways we never thought possible but it won’t be forever. Between now and then there are many challenges we will need to overcome and I encourage people to keep communicating, collaborating and community-ing.

I’d love to find out more from you about how Bowness & Windermere Forward can support you on the ‘other side’ so please take a moment to complete our survey on page 3.

Until then Janett and I will continue to support our area both with our volunteering here for Bowness & Windermere Forward and our free community and business events such as LA23NET, our Doorstep Discos and our Content Cafe. Here if you need us –

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